Saturday, January 31, 2009

Open Straits

The procession of weak ones grew weak and pale.
To his mind, chapters opened clear
What was to be a matter of solace, began
shooting into sight as an unhealthy gesture.

Sins of past to be made today's malice,
And a friend then, today's passerby.
Life's thoroughfare showed no footprints

Looking down at what had been off,
Shivers ran through his hair roots.

"Why did it happen- could for
God's sake, things had been different?"

His own words getting unfair to him,
For what he had done till now
was enough- to run through his tears.

But all these had been the weaker marks
and he had a horizon to chase-

An open strait- to put his feet unto,
An open strait- to walk upon.

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ah!!!!!!!!!!!! the last one, appealed more to me, because it waa actually the reality.... this one is actually a little harder to understand....... an advice, just give a brief introduction to your poems, helps us to relate to the subject.... still very nice

p.s. always remember the best things are needed to be kept simple