Friday, February 6, 2009

For The Love of Paint

Unshaded canvas looked at me, gazing.
Around fell the dew, the hues of untaught heart.
Simple, yet convoluted; fancied my wits.
Am I the one, to put life unto you?

Along came a hand, a credence; It walked
my feet unto the vestal land
of ideas, verve, soul and spirit.

An open perspective rooted vitality,
in me, to step; to feel the new.
Zany ideas held up brains to pause
When you got for me a zeal-
and taught me the unexplored.

Moving my hand, I painted the canvas
I thought- but any notion fell not.

Got to see an eye beside the frame
and then realized- ideas create not
What shimmers; is For The Love of Paint.


Faustus said...

nice job dude... poetry is tough task to create... nice indeed.... is this urs btw?

ecstatic shimmeR said...

yups. indeed its mine.
written in an unexplicable state ...