Sunday, February 8, 2009

I See God

The dilemma of how to define God has driven me crazy all my life. I had this very bright charm of luck on my side that the family I have today, was granted to me. Born and brought up in Hindu culture, since my springtime of life I portrayed thousands of Gods depicted to be dressed in unusual clothing and eye catching glittering jewellery. The places they were depicted to be in were like walking around in the hazy mist of a dream. There used to be a big festival or two every month and they all carried with them a saga of historic events which can, even now be found in any holy book. As a child, I always cherished to be fed with such fables, thanks to their captivating concept. Another motive of my interest was the amazing amount of tasty stuff we got to eat.
Changing calendars made me grow to listen more to my brain. Events of my life and tales made me think on my belief if it was justified or only limited to the aura of my upbringing. There were those instances when people of some so called castes were treated below us and were not allowed amongst all. It was the time that the sun of Humanism shown my brain. A question perturbed my brain, “Is my religion (culture, I would say), Hinduism, the best in the world?”
Listening to and witnessing the plight of the poor, diplomats dividing the secular nation under concealed hoods of democracy and rising animosity among humans rooted by the seeds of those money lovers painted my perspective to a canvas away from the colour of blood. The views and shadow of some lucid thinkers widened my horizon to new domains.
Could there be anything more beautiful than the entire bonded by friendship and painted colourfully by varying cultures than the lines of division of the so called enemy religions on both sides and standing tall on innocent tears. Can things not be simple and all of us living together as brothers and sisters and friends under a same skiey shelter totally undivided? A world such would house the apt moist emotions for flourishing of intellect and growth of mankind.
An era of time, where each gets his wish fulfilled, but not on other’s price seems to be a talisman walking in my dream and calling one and all to accompany him to the paradise city, the one with a golden gate and the words, “House of Humanity.” Written with a happy and poise heart. The only thing preventing anyone from walking on those roses are the thorns, each named ‘I’. if the path was to be all roses, all ‘I’ were to be ‘we’ and it would be a gasp away that we would reach the place where not me, not you, not Hindu, not Jew, not Muslim, not Christian, not Sikh and not anyone but we all shall See God.



a really good thought there.... but let's be practical bonge. it's not about any religion, no religion advocates hatred, but it's we who give the charge of religion in the hands of political miscreants who in turn sow these seeds of animosity and self-praise which in turn makes us feel superior than others. i am proud of my religion and my culture, but also i do respect others because all lead to the same almighty.... our creator.

ecstatic shimmeR said...

so am i proud of being born and brought up in hindu culture.. i would say than religion.
there's nothing in hating other's culture but it is not justified that we all, HUMANS, who are equal are divided on these basis.
Infact, in a broader perspective, all these cultures make the world a really colourful place. That's the way i think- though I may be wrong in many opinions.

gynophile said...
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gynophile said...

Very well written. This amalgam of cultures you've talked about does give the world a colorful pattern. Way back, every culture believed in the values of harmony, brotherhood et al. But then things have always happened.

Taliban, for ex. has it's own manipulated version of Islam. And there are countries who're joining their Jehadi-Islamic rhetoric. The hatred for Taliban etc, after all that has happened, will transgress it's way to Islam as well. The discrimination the Islam-followers face in U.S. and Europe is a direct consequence of this.

The same was with the Churches in the 16th century.

Even we people, now, have our versions of Taliban in form of Shiv/Ram/Vishnu .... Senas !!!

Anonymous said...

nicee bongu!!
depicted your thoughts well, as if held firmly with a chain.
no doubt variety adds colour to our world and without them would have been my opinion, the basic reason for the hatred is the tenacious grip that extremism holds somewhere on our mind, may be because of an tragic event or history full of gory details. somewhere we prefer ours is to best (mostly because of paucity of knowledge and lack of contemplation) and more specifically better than others which time and again aggravates the incineration plants.....