Tuesday, March 31, 2009


A breeze and bird chirping woke her up to an amazing morning where the lawn was waiting for her to wet her feet with dew. The November dawn had a peculiar taste of freedom and brought about a pleasing amount of energy to nature with beautiful animals around the stone cottage and captivating beauty of the migrant birds. All the aroma of excellence was there in the air. Nature’s herald had broken the silence of the night to a welcoming new day, with the will to nurture all with never ending satisfaction.

There stood a plethora of dreams next to the very common but nice path of everyday routine. A toss to choose for the best or to choose for the dream was to be made, when nothing fell into the mind and only the charisma of the new world fell about. The old lady then walked through her life and rendered interest to things she had let go off in the way past days. A simple thing that was never expected to be of such a consequence then came into her mind and made her realize what actually was
she doing with her life.

Days come and go off in life when small moments of joy unknowingly bring a smile or a tear into your eye and a blink of that eye can was it off or keep it forever as a remembrance in the heart. Why let things slip off to a tomorrow when you have a gift of God, “The Present”. Live here, for life is what you live and not what you think of. In a lifetime of decades, one seldom has moments where all the shadows of life get faded to the eternal bliss of joy. And this is what counts and brings meaning to the word, life.

So she decided there and then to accept God’s present and get herself finally 'Alive'.


d gypsy! said...

you certainly have a way with words...

nice one...

aarshi said...

to choose for the best - or choose for the dream

lovely thought!