Saturday, April 18, 2009


Goodbye, Adios, Sayonara are words made up very artistically to render expression to some uncanny feelings. Often, destiny falls into our daily path and an encounter with a totally expected persona is made to be. A rut, usually our routine keeps us from spreading our arms and yawning into a morning of pristine and unaccustomed articulation. But it is only until the new wind has embalmed us that we hold back and think of the poor world we have become slaves to.
I too, had been a sheep among the very same herd, a common face of crowd. Getting up to a very same morning, going to attend the same lectures and the same old discussion on peoplewhat my diary hosted for a bulk of its pages. This did one thing for sure, killed all the days that could have been much vibrant.
The change that took about in me was not a dramatic or graphic one. Rather it was much gradual and realistic. Notions of some higher ordered brains watered mine to a new sapling of healthy and hopeful thinking. A view and perspective, that always was there, somewhere in my cupboard, I guess, soon came out to host a horizon of positive aroma.
Looking beyond the daily talks, beyond those old habits and wasting these fine hued days are tosses that came about in me and agog was I after the change to have better hand at the moment following, my present. And now I say, ‘goodbye, until we meet again’ to the days went past but surely they will never meet the same uncoloured me in the future, that is in no ways, near.


d gypsy! said...

initially i thought it was another goodbye post

good to see it isn't. you have a good vocab it seems...and the write up was cheerful in a way

Faustus said...

Too many tough words...:).... its good to have lows in life.... as long as u climb out of 'em.... Don't stop playin CS... :D ...