Monday, April 20, 2009

The Cacophony of Life

Everyday life, as has grown to be is the ultimate blend of how well you dwell and host with your surroundings. At the distant view, a megalith seems nothing close to perfect and it ceases no limits to amaze us to the bounds of our ecstasy. This craze of knowing the unknown is quite enough for mere humans like us, who are no above in the heads than discussing people to move towards the same.
The initial time spent in the vicinity adds to the marvelous moments of the life which drives the soul to keep them for eternity. True seems, at that time, the amazing attraction and affinity we have developed towards the mentioned. Gradually, if we get the much valued and priced company, thanks to our very own nature of taking things to the habits, we start to consider the same priceless possessions as though they have been in our closets and rooms since our first birthday. We get many more things that are now of the priceless tag and we walk on to the older ones and ruin our holy old vows with the closet counterparts.
Life has been and shall be, I hope, similar in this respect of its gradualism. Nature shall never change notably to our likings and so wouldn’t we in retaliation, trying to win the ultimate state of superiority. I have been no exception to this identity that has been derived over the flipping of calendars of cultures, believes and generations. The melody of the past has now transformed into the disliked and never wished to be listened to cacophony. Absence of the attachment from either sides of the bond leads the media to dislocate the bond, as may say science or maybe anyone, for that matter. It is better to part away at such a time, than to be there to wound ourselves in all the ways we try.
But I hope to see things in a melodic way, to seek the same old hues in the things that now appear to be fading away with no tinge whatsoever. Hope to seek the good old music and rhythm in my very old cassette player!

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