Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Saint Science

In a country of intellect, that I dwell in, India, there are many saints and sages believed to have appeared out of nowhere to transform all forms of human lives to wider horizons and unbound satisfaction. Spirituality is supposed to be one of the main pillars of our cultural heritage. And so strong and rich is this pillar that it hosts a shelter to shadow all the world’s spirituality seekers. As for the global scenario, the so called very developed and learned ones believe us to be a land of snake charmers and farmers. But to their notification, this humble nation has given this society, the ‘Zero’- the initiation to everything. This is just a washout from the sea of contributions.
Somewhere around the extremes of our motherland, we have intellect of the highest order being developed. Many unknown and many toiling for being known and a few known. Amongst all these, there is a mighty name that has transcended all barriers whatsoever to the next sunrise of this world. The name is enough to bring about a role model, a smiling figure of a pretty distinct outlook with the shades of scientific temperament and achievements- Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. The former president of the republic of India and by far one of the best scientists of all times, this missile man has so values vested in him that embark him a special place superior to others.
I, personally believe him to be a real saint- something that some people with a scientific approach may believe to be contradictory. But to my satisfaction and for some others’ too, I have enough of his expressions to compliment my words. I was moved by the very first page of his biography that depicted as to what a secular temperament he has behind his professional religion, Science. Such a humble person is hard to find in these days and we are bestowed by some good charms to have him here amongst us.
His persona is too inexplicable for words to express and so is the charm of his presence. Our college was lucky enough to have his presence at our campus for our convocation function. My luck was in its golden phase that I got to attend his lecture, but through the entire length of the same, I couldn’t differentiate myself from a dream. The aura of his presence brought some real amount of energy to the gathering and it was evident from the joy amongst everyone present.
His achievements are of the order that I don’t find myself eligible to even keep an account of them, yet I find a privilege in addressing him to be a saint, Saint Science.

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Mayank said...

Well and truly written...
Just one point i would like to take that is my friend INDIA is recognized worldwide s land of hard working people though poverty is still a big issue.