Friday, June 26, 2009

Enamoured Splash

Serene waters - spread to the horizon
Gazing through the shadows and glares,
I see thou in the reflections
Waters swing, birds chirp - for the one
was here - the one who brings
The sun to a morning,
The moon to its gloom.
And you the one - saving this earth
from the doomsday.

Whiskers of the clouds,
breezes in the head - I think and
keep thinking - I smile and
keep smiling.
For if you had been here-
the waters would have wavered,
the birds hath smiled and the winds murmured.

All this shall be a tribute - A tiny
but hearty one - from an admirer, a lover.
Supremacy of thou keeps me allured
thinking of you and when I
Stop thinking - if its a new day - no.
But a word and a thought - its Eternity.


Mayank said...

sambhal ja ladke!!!:)

ecstatic shimmeR said...

hehe... nice one bro...
but kya karna sambhal k... ;)

Mayank said...

i think you understand what i mean...
don't be too involved ...kuch aur bhi karta hai ki nahi...

Anonymous said...

kya baat hai sir............chak de fatte...