Monday, June 29, 2009

Guise Disguised

Plural expressions, unearthly gestures,
Inhuman feelings, tinted heart.
Light falls off my head - renders enigma,
I think those implicit thoughts of mine.
Overwhelming responses hath lifted-
my morale - my persona - my concept.
For life falls into your cove.
Intruiged by the halo around me -
this human falls aloof.

The distant horizon hosts trauma
But a step into past shall creep failure.
Me - the lemon gypsy
hath spent my life - in search
for the known, yet unknown.

Vitriolic scorch puts heart to cry
For if life was easy-
I hath been accomplished,
I hath been happy.


Mayank said...

Vow!!!Its different definately but yet the same as I think most of the persons are seeking answers and yet find themselves nowhere ut thedots connect backwards.I guess i am clear enough for you..

aditya said...

Each line is incredibly profound, intricate at the same time.
The way you end this one --

For if life was easy-
I hath been accomplished,
I hath been happy.

is absolutely superb.

Keep writing !!

ecstatic shimmeR said...

well while writing and posting i never imagined of such morale boosting comments on this one. the environment wherein i wrote was fairly graphic.

But seriously-- thanks a lot.
Such words encourage beyond words.

d gypsy! said...

def a wowser...

i read the previous one as well and i must say smthing is diff about these two... very intricate but cleverly weaved words

peace, bliss... :)

ecstatic shimmeR said...

@ d gypsy!
wow. indeed i am having the time of my life. surch intricate and subtle comments. i never dreamt of getting such waivers on my work. And even now, believing that all this is truly happening is difficult.

I now really feel I am a Blogger - one whose work is read.. :)
Thanks so much

And well yes.. days have simply transformed for me in the recent times.

ScarletTd1ar1es said...

i wunt say different, it was like thought provoking and the usage of words is exemplary.


ecstatic shimmeR said...

@ ScarletTd1ar1es

Well thanks a lot and words just fall off when appreciation like this one is meant to be attained.. :P