Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Beautiful Life

You are so close to my heart,
I feel like holding your hand...

Yet we are so far away,
that I just dream,
if I could hold your hand...

Missing you, wishing to hold your hand,
Yet, Happy enough to see you,
when I close my eyes,
when I open them,
when I breathe,
when I live.

for making my life,
A beautiful life.

© Rajat Mahajan. 2009


Jenny said...

Hi Rajat,

You have a strong talent for structure, rythm and flow! The poetic musicality makes your work very pleasant to read.

Lovely poem!

ecstatic shimmeR said...

Thanks for the comment. The emotions fall out when feelings have space in the heart for someone special.
So there's no effort required at all.

Mayank said...


good going...but comeback to real world..:)