Sunday, August 16, 2009

Classroom Enigma

Sustaining the hours,
Living the times, we sat
Unperturbed - to a bang, to a shake.

Time ceased its pace,pendulums-
rocked not. Hush!
Water spilled off the heads.

Letters seemed - symbols archaic.
Words sounded - the chest humming.

Feelings felt sinking,
down the throat; dismantling
the brain - part by part.

Thinking and drowning, came up
a bling - a sparkle, and
we were let go.

© Rajat Mahajan. 2009


aditya said...

Hahaha .. I can identify with almost everything here.

I admire the elegance and the flow you possess. It was fun to read this one !!

Keep writing ... :)

ecstatic shimmeR said...

lol. this is the case with all of us, atleast at NITH.

Well its the last two words you always write, that inspire me and make me write more.
I'll keep writing and you keep commenting. :)

aditya said...

for sure .. for sure ... :)

Mayank said...


Jenny said...

Hi there,

Funny. This is a feeling most of us have experienced alright! :)

Again, I am amazed of your poetic effortless flow. You have a melodic way with words as well: "Time ceased its pace,pendulums-/rocked not. Hush!"

Thanks for sharing.

ecstatic shimmeR said...

hey. This was something i wished to write for a long time, for life's experiences are the most coloured ones. And sure everyone goes through this phase. :)

Thankful one is me here. Such intricate comments and so beautifully cherished when my work is, being glad is something I can't stop to be.

Thank you so much!