Thursday, August 6, 2009

It Blew By Me

Overwhelming pictures seemed old,
Loving expressions stood alien,
Simple words held back the tongue.

Birds chirped but heard none,
Winds blew but felt none,
I was breathing still.

Surfaces developed in enigma,
Trees grew in dilemma,
But you stood just watching.

I thought, spoke not,
Nature spoke, thought none,
And I was breathing still.

Oceans were the same,
Rivers were the same,
But one changed, I.

Truth drowned, yet remained,
Devil grew, God still stayed,
Things changed, things still remained.


aditya said...


This is simply amazing !!
I like to read smaller texts and this one just blew me. You have this amazing ability to express the subtle "unspoken" things in life. Each para was delightful to read .. and each one intrluded with the next one to leave me expressionless!!!

You are a delight to read .. Please keep writing :)

ecstatic shimmeR said...

Oh my God!!
Well dunno about what I wrote, but your comment did blew me.
It was the randomest text i have ever written and such words for this one... im really screaming in my head with joy..
Thank you! And sure, when you read with such delight, I shall write even more than i ever have....