Sunday, October 25, 2009

Thoughts so Impervious

The bohemian reached eclipse, the doom
of his glorious ways. His detritus dreams waited
for him to see, a horizon so gloomy.

He reached his hand out, felt
a liquid smother his dreams.
His flamboyant rhapsodies died,
he saw but held, didn't know why.

The ingenuity he was famed about,
did nothing but weep.
The sun seemed distant, yet scorch in the eye
where he saw, his fate so gloomy.

© Rajat Mahajan. 2009


Jenny said...

Hi there,

I like the smooth and powerful imagery here and the melody of your words. The rythm of the expression "detritus dream" is so nice.

ecstatic shimmeR said...


Hey. Thanks a lot. subtle comments make me go smoother even though I never find myself putting in much efforts into writing. Thanks for improving me with words!

The CarRioN's HasH said...

autumn of a genius,
winter for a soul....

nice lines to describe it...

workhard said...

Very well written. i can never write like that..

but why is ur tone so depressing.. just like that or personal exprience.. dont have to answer if its really personal

nonetheless. very good writing

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ecstatic shimmeR said...

@The CarRioN's HasH
Sure thing. Life has its seasons, and so do emotions. Just a difference as to how we classify them.

Thankyou. Its no big deal. What I have discovered writing is just the flow of your heart. Keep no bounds and let your thoughts flow to the infinite. This is what poetry is to me.

No personal experience actually but pretty close to real life, I guess. We have developed ourselves to spoil the potential we all possess and this is what I wish to portray.

Anonymous said...

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