Sunday, November 22, 2009


The world falls to me,
as I see; the infinite colours,
the stupendous languages,
the vast cultures.

I feel it all, coming in;
pounding my chest, I feel restless.
I feel suffocated, yet charmed;
my brain pauses logic.

I don't know what to do,
I don't know what I hear,
I don't know what I say,
I don't know who am I.

I really just don't know,
Who am I?

© Rajat Mahajan. 2009


aditya said...


Very well written. You depict the phase of this seemingly eternal chaos very articulately.

I might be digressing from the theme of your poem but languages do not mystify me any more. Language is not knowledge.

Keep writing. I know it is hard. But then, it is utterly painful at times, not to be able to do things you actually like doing.


The CarRioN's HasH said...

really shoonya....

the common emotions of a common man on a common day....well depicted..

ecstatic shimmeR said...

this is something i have been feeling profoundly for the past many days now.
I guess you go into some contemporary literature to get back the aroma.

ecstatic shimmeR said...

@The CarRioN's HasH
yeah, indeed it is felt by everyone in the vicinity, just the fact that some accept and others don't.

sp.ajay said...

you are Rajat Thakur...:)

nice one...
i truly agree its a pain to write often...

ecstatic shimmeR said...

man you got the surname wrong... :|
its Rajat Mahajan. ;)

Faustus said...

DOn't matter who u are as long as you keep writing stuff i like to read :)

Smita Tewari said...

The way you are writing, you'll soon know who you are! Just let yourself 'be' & you'll discover yourself!

Very well scripted!

ecstatic shimmeR said...

hey, well said. I got your point. its not me writing the good stuff, its you appreciating it in a way that it becomes good enough. Thanks!

@Smita Tewari
Quite an incredulous comment, I must say. :)
Thanks a lot for dropping by. I hope to have a nice knowing on blogger.