Monday, February 22, 2010

Breathing the Snow

Dawn woke up to me one day,
a cup of elated tea, cardamom of joy,
a sip to divinity and a path;
to nirvana.

The road fell clear, bathed in white
white as thine soul, clean as mother's love.
Maiden creak of the shoe, first glimpse
of purity, led me to my atonement.

Nudging my ways through shallows,
yet so serene, I went perturbed.
The breath I took, for the first time,
filled my lungs to content.

The breeze strummed ragas in the head,
the chill brought; sudden but fine warmth within.
Closed eyes, I saw purity,
Open eyes, I saw divinity.

Awed senses longed no more,
all they wanted, was to stay,
to stay with the snow, to live with it;
to let the time freeze.

© Rajat Mahajan. 2010


The CarRioN's HasH said...

the white quilt over the mountains
the astounded mind
the unbelievable eyes
the frozen landscape
the beauty of snow

ecstatic shimmeR said...

hey, you're always of the avid poets.. who shall know snow better than a resident of the queen of hills.. A snowy white cheers!!

aditya said...

Contentment of a heart which felt the silent sun rise through the silence of snow cannot commensurate most other human emotions.

I keep hearing out. For the silence you felt in the snow that morning.

There are times when the does freeze.

Do Keep writing .. :)

ecstatic shimmeR said...

yeah, snow for us himachalis is something we are irrevocably in love with.
sure thing you can visualize. its no new place i went; just had a new experience at the same old place.

Anonymous said...

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