Monday, March 8, 2010

Always a Dream

Begins as leaves rising, off ground,
cotton fumes flying about free;
I see, I feel it all.

Tender ruffle of arms, silken fingers,
pouring my nerves, with juice lived,
Chest humming to the tune of words you say.

Time, for once, sprints untamed,
and grass green, neglecting winter scorn; so fast
I see time slow here; time lightening there.

And the stones smile at me;
never did they ever.
Wilderness I see, dearer than home.

Even thorns feel comfort,
and pebbles; pearls so white,
I feel god dirty.

Your eyes shine, twinkle;
stars glow bright, the moon
sees me big.

All get perfect and I feel them at heart,
pains; as never had they incurred.
It all, for me grows perfect for real.

And then its evening; we part, I try,
to hold you back, but can't.
Happy yet sad, it always ends as a dream.

© Rajat Mahajan. 2010

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