Thursday, April 1, 2010

Rolling Back in Time

Well, this one's no poetry. I have been feeling a little low in some sense for quite some time now. Feels like I'm losing myself, all I had learned, absorbed and understood is seemingly fading away.

I don't know if all this is true or even possible, but this quite definitely happening to me. It strangles me to the core, binding me to never grow again and all I can do is see myself damped.

All the way along I have been trying to find ways out of this maze but this one seems to have no exit. I hope I find one; its really suffocating in here, doesn't feel right. I know what feels right for me and I want that.

© Rajat Mahajan. 2010


Jenny Enochsson said...

"all I had learned, absorbed and understood is seemingly fading away"

Rajat, I think that is a feeling most of us get sometimes. But it usually turns out later that it is not lost after all. It is just hiding a bit.

Be kind to yourself and continue writing your fine poems.

ecstatic shimmeR said...

Thanks Jenny,
It really helps to get encouraged at such times. It will surely help me if I keep writing, so I'll try and keep up with it as much possible.

Rajkarn said...

Truly said Jenny, everybody experiences such difficult times when our mind just can't steer to the right direction & we feel stuck. Rajat, be optimistic & keep on doing what you like, all this is gonna get over.

aditya said...

Optimism/ Pessimism is never the key to anything.

Writer's Block to ni aa gya jeevan main kahin??

ecstatic shimmeR said...

hey. Good to see you here. Thanks for coming by. Yeah, I feel things will get well when they mean to.

Don't know what's up. Just a bit uprooted at times.