Saturday, May 29, 2010

Believe Me

for I am here, just for you.

for I will hear all night long.

Hate me,
for I will try to love.

for I will give in all my thoughts.

for I will take nothing but your sorrows.

for I will keep my arm around your shoulder.

for I will wipe your tears.

But don't just sit back,
for there is me, for you,
to take away your breaths of boredom.
Let the world speak as it does,
it matters to me none.
What matters is,
when you don't speak.
Give me chance, to say i care,
to express the same.

A little smile will give me,
what riches can't dream of.
A little thing that someone called

© Rajat Mahajan. 2010


Anonymous Someone said...

Nice one, a true and innocent feeling indeed.

Suvi said...

touching as it is.. you have this very beautiful way of playing with words and feelings and then this time you bring out the insight of love, a feeling so pure!.. I really admire reading your works my friend!.

p.s. the use of the word "friend" might seem a bit weird but i cant actually call you by your more common name here in public!.. lol!.

ecstatic shimmeR said...

@Anonymous Someone
Thanks. A simple comment and that was exactly what i had wished and hoped for...

well, that's just too much good about me. thanks. :)
and sure you're right about the better not be public. :)