Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Never Before

Going home is always nostalgic. Much when a mountain of exams you just crossed, climbed, scaled and got down hurt and tired. Of all the semester ends that I have headed home, today is seemingly different. I have a faint idea of the reason, but not sure. This time, I can actually head back home with a high head. I believe that to some extent I have somewhere made my parents' reason of sending me here a little worthwhile.

I have actually worked hard the last few months and in a very rare manner, I feel proud. Actually, content would be a better word. Nevertheless, its all about being happy in the heart and honoured in the head. Luckily, I lost my virginity to both these facts. Never before had I felt the both together.

I've made me some promises for the days to come, for the life to come. Some promises to self, some to the world and some to the people who mean more than the world to me. I've been blessed with the good wishes of everyone around me, at times the criticism that I encountered out of jealousy or out of friendship, I don't know which of the two was dominant where, but they surely led me to learn. Thank you folks.

One thing, it hurts me most but may hurt some others too is that I'm sad I haven't found any friend in college yet whom I can speak to the same way as I can to my crazy mate back home who means more than the world to me, aforesaid. This person knew me when we were in kindergarten, then we grew up, thought about going to the same college together, but unfortunately ended up almost a length of a nation apart.

In all, I had a time I'll cherish all along. Thank you everyone who made this time precious. You have done a job that 20 years couldn't do - change me.

© Rajat Mahajan. 2010


Faustus said...

Hard work? sincere devotion to work?? which college are u in?

ecstatic shimmeR said...

i thought it would be better i change before things around change me..
the college, btw is the same.. just the namesake..things have changed drastically..

Suvi said...

dude! there is still a year left.. you write as if we are already through! :P

ecstatic shimmeR said...

yeah there still is but i witnessed the changes now, which i believe are a bit late, so i mentioned them.. :)

Suvi said...

koi naa.. keep writing.. i admire reading your works!!