Wednesday, August 11, 2010


the tricky part of my head,
when its active, is insane.
it never lets me sleep,
never lets me think.
it unpockets my fears,
and puts them straight at face.
and i think i will fight it all,
but i fall the precipice every time.

pulling my hair, i sit,
biting time..
watching the moon spend its day
and the sun its night;
for they're the ones i believe,
the ones who hold my hand,
through my sleepless nights,
giving me reason to stay.

© Rajat Mahajan. 2010


Suvi said...
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Suvi said...

it drives me black..
it puzzles me mad..
it curses me sad..
its when i m insomniac..

to suffer from insomnia is totally sane.. but the way you describe the feeling is wonderful (and black!!).

Faustus said...

Good to see you maturing as a poet... it's always so difficult to write a poem... Kudos TO You!!! :)

ecstatic shimmeR said...

i never thought the explanation to be good or enchanting. glad that you find it so. thanks :)

You just gave me another reason to keep writing. For long, I had a belief that writing made me feel good. To know that others like my words as much, its eternally blissful and feels even better.
thanks a lot...