Tuesday, March 29, 2011

a wish

and all i wished
was you to say...

those promises seem
no real to me; no
no more

those feelings
don't wet me; no
they don't wet me no more

i felt i saw
your heart

i felt it was your
heart; in your eyes,
in your voice, your words

your words, were God
to me; they had to be
they had to be true

your smile, meant heaven
to me; it had to be
it had to be there

and all i wished
was you to say...

i wished with all my heart
that you would say;
to me; you would say,
nothing but the truth.

my brain wants to die;
because its hurt so much
so much; that i believe
even you can't fix it.

and all i wished
was you to say...


Faustus said...

Melancholic calm... sweet surrender to sorrow... quite a change from earlier works..

phoenix said...

if its true, n its real it'll stay... a wish within you will not die until the urge for its coming true is wat u care more for... if it had not been so... u wouldn't regret or miss seeing urself to lose a wish like this..

ecstatic shimmeR said...

@Karn Sir
melancholy is the right word you used to describe it. that was my exact state at that time.

i believe so too. but i truly wish i never have to look at the latter part. anyhow, i know its true, just that sometimes its good to flush out the good and bad.
Thanks for dropping by! :)