Monday, October 3, 2011

when life laughed

when life laughed at me
at my temper
i stood untying the knots
i played myself into

finding ways to come out
of the web; you were helping
me, but i wavered when,
you got busy

you got busy, helping me
get out, of the mess;
i never realized when
you jumped into the quicksand

and while you were struggling
i stood angry; asking you to
help me; help me, i asked
at time when you needed me

and life laughed at me
at my temper
i stood looking at the mess
i put you into


Faustus said...

has a natural flow it. There's something fresh about your poems. Nicely done.

solisto said...

glad that you liked it.. feels heart warming to know that i have readers like you.. :)