Saturday, August 22, 2015


The liveliness in the atmosphere here at the south shore of Lake Mendota in Madison, Wisconsin is beyond amazing. Live Irish music, people dancing with the violin bow and the flute, the soft breeze of the calm lake bidding goodbye to a nice summer are combinations that can seldom be found.

As I write this, the tempo of the music is so high that I cannot help but tap my feet. This is the best possible end to a beautifully engaging week I’ve had. What more could a migrant ask of the new place? Tasty food, immensely hospitable people, an engaging education opportunity and a promising two years at this heaven of a town. Things are falling just perfectly in place.

Beneath the same sky
lies a town, like every other.
Swinging between two waves
lies a town, like every other.

Winds blow here
but the air is different;
Hearts beat here
but the breath is different.

As the ducks rest ashore
people live some more
the magic unfolds
with dancing toes

On just the same night,
this place lives, like no other!

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