Sunday, March 27, 2016


The reasons for writing on this blog have been plenty. From heartbreaks to soaring romances, from quaint pondering to cityscape cacophony, and from shades of sorrow to rainbows of happiness.

It has been an escape from the reality and pace of life, a lone space with a few occasional visitors who just smile and greet, and then move on. But today I feel that there could be more to it than my personal journeys, it could be about how the airs crash into wonderful turbulence when they originate at different ends, how there's beauty in so many things, and so is sorrow. All we do is observe; there's little we can do to influence the motion of the natural brush we only feel but cannot see.

But does this mean that we just let go of everything? Probably not. The canvas of life is an interactive one, where every footstep could act as a master stroke or ruin the entire panting. It is up to us to define what we want to see as art or as destruction. So why not layer this personal masterpiece with the uniqueness of every breath instead of creating a redundant newsprint that nothing more than an eyesore, see life a little closely and appreciate how the joys and sorrows create the quintessential contrast.

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Deepika said...

It's deep what you said and right as well.
We all feel the same way, we write to let things out and ultimately these writing help us finding more about ourselves as well as the worls as we see it.
Keep writing.